Why Mosquitoes Bite Some Individuals More Often than the Others

Mosquitoes, best known as the summer pests, are one of the most hazardous pests in the whole world. The deadliest creature in the world is not what you may expect like snakes or sharks but they are in a form or a small living creature called a mosquito. As a matter of fact, it is because they are capable of spreading the deadliest diseases such as Dengue, Malaria, Zika Virus, Yellow Fever and a lot more. In addition to that, data reveals that mosquitoes are actually responsible for several animal-related fatalities as well.

There are basically over three thousand species of mosquitoes known all over the planet. Experts say that some people are more preferred by mosquitoes compared to others. If you’re a magnet to mosquitoes and yet, you have no clue why this occurs then you should ask the experts why or this article may help you in a way. bet365 com The following are some reasons why mosquitoes usually bite some individuals more than the others:


The two most fascinating factors that help attract mosquitoes are the smell and sight. Mosquitoes have basically high visuals, thus, they use their eyes in order to target their prey. Having said that, mosquitoes can also spot so if you’re wearing black or any dark-colored clothing like navy blue. Therefore, what you’re wearing is also one of the primary factors why you are most likely a magnet for the mosquitoes.

Carbon Dioxide– The air we exhale.

We all know that human beings inhale oxygen as well as exhale carbon dioxide. Well, mosquitoes can smell carbon dioxide from over one hundred sixty feet away from them so, the person who exhales more carbon dioxide are more prone to mosquito bites than other people. Because we breathe out carbon dioxide from our nose and mouth, mosquitoes are basically attracted to our heads and that explains why mosquitoes usually buzz in our ears in the evening.

Blood Type

Female mosquitoes feed on blood and plant nectar. They actually need protein in order to breed and this is why they suck blood from us humans as well as animals. These pesky insects suck blood and then, transmit viruses and diseases from one vector to another. There are some certain types of blood which attract the mosquitoes more than the others. Mosquitoes are attracted to persons who have type O blood compared to A and B blood type individuals. 85 percent of individuals produce a secretion which signals what type of blood they have and mosquitoes bite 85 percent of individuals who are non-secretors, no matter what their blood types are.

Sweat and Heat

Aside from the carbon dioxide, which is the gas we exhale, mosquitoes can also smell ammonia, uric acid, lactic acid and any other compounds secreted in sweat. In fact, mosquitoes just want the individuals who run warmer; a sweaty person should seem quite a delicious meal to them. Exercise increases heat and lactic acid buildup, making people easily found by mosquitoes compared to the others. For more information, you can also contact a professional residential pest control Irving service provider.

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